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Intrahospital and late outcomes in a unique centre of treatment with different kinds of drug eluting stents, in patients with "Off Label" coronary angioplasty indication


In coronary angioplasty with “On Label” indication, Drug Eluting stents (Cypher, Taxus y Endeavor) have proved to reduce dramatically, the major events at the expense of a significant reduction of revascularization of the target lesion. These indications are arguable, and its role is not exactly known yet, in the “Off Label” indication, even less known when other different kinds of platforms and drugs are used, as it happens in our real life.


To analyze intrahospital results, and in the later follow-up, of a population of patients with “Off. Label” coronary lesions, treated with different kinds of drug eluting stents.

Material and methods

255 consecutive patients were retrospectively analyzed (from 31-5-03 to 28-02-07), average age: 64 (37-89), male: 192 (75,3%)


Clinical indication

Anatomy indication

Vessel treated

Lesion type: 302 lesions

Anatomy indication

Number of vessels treated

Stent Type: 330 stents

Tecnic implantation


Success of the procedure: 254 patients (99,6%), myocardial infarction (MI): 1 (0,4%), follow-up: 255 patients/259 patients (98,5%), average: 19 months (6-45 months), general death: 6 (2,35%), cardiac death: 1 (0,4%), revascularization of the treated lesion: 30 (11,8%), survival free of cardiac death and infarct: 99,3%, survival free of major events (MI, death, revascularization of responsible lesion): 87,5%, late thrombosis: 3 (1,2%), definite: 2, probable: 1.

  Intrahospital Follow up ( mean 19 month)
Total death 1 (0,4%) 6 (2,35%)
Cardiac death 1 (0,4%) 1 (0,4%)
AMI 1 (0,4%) 1 (0,4%)
TLR 0 30 (11,8%)
Acute trombosis 1 (0,4%)  
Late trombosis   3 (1,2%)


Coronary angioplasty, with the implantation of different kinds of drug eluting stents was effective in reducing the rate of revascularization of the responsible lesion, in patients with high restenosis risk, without significant increase of death or myocardial infarct.

Autor: Dr. Carlos Alejandro Alvarez, Dr. Fernando Ordoñez, Dr. Alberto Cristino, Dr. Carlos J. Alvarez Iorio

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